About Scarpa


A passion for quality, value and customer satisfaction has been driving Scarpa since we opened our first store back in March of 1999. Built on over 25 years experience in the fashion industry, we pride ourselves on offering our clientele a quality experience when they come into our stores.

We carry collections of shoes that are exclusive to North America and each season, we travel the globe in search of those unique boots, shoes and sandals that keep our customers coming back for more. Knowing that our customers appreciate good value, we not only feature specially selected, imported footwear but also a beautiful selection of outerwear for all seasons and more recently, a collection of bags and purses, all of which are designed in-house.

As a locally owned, independent company, we feel that what separates us from the bigger chains is our personalized approach to customer service. Each client is unique and so the approach to serving each of our customers has to be just as unique and special. We believe that a non commission based service policy means clients can relax and take their time without feeling like they are being rushed.

Part of a quality customers experience means being more flexible, which is why we also offer a no hassle refund policy. A satisfied client is a client that knows they are appreciated and will come see us again.

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